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Dall’s Sheep Hunts with Alaska Remote Guide Service

Be sure to check our “Specials” page (click the flashing red button to the left) for information on Cancellations and Discounted hunts!



I went on my first solo Dall Sheep hunt in 1978.  Despite foul weather, getting blown off the mountain in the dark, getting sick, falling in a glacier, catching a spent bullet with my left eyebrow, and numerous other adventures I survived!  I also returned home a lot wiser and smarter, completely addicted to sheep hunting and with a nice ram!!  Ive been on numerous sheep hunts since then and still look forward to each season with anticipation. I have a tremendous spot to take 4 to 6 good rams per year, and can also offer add-on or combination hunts for brown or grizzly bears and moose."

We hunt in our “Sole Use” guide concession in Denali Preserve, near Mt. McKinley.  My concession just renewed through 2017, and was expanded to 600 plus square miles, and to include prime sheep areas that have been off limits to guided non resident Sheep hunters since 1988!!!

Prices and Specifics

Dall Sheep season runs from August 10th to September 20th. In most of my concession, moose season runs from August 20th – Sept. 25th, and there is no closed season for brown bear. August and early September dates are recommended for dall sheep hunts, as cold temperatures and snow often arrives early at higher elevations.  Brown/grizzly hides are usually best after September 1st. 

A legal Dall Sheep ram has to be full curl on at least one side, broken on both sides, or at least 8 years old.

11 Day, 1 X 1 Guided Dall Sheep Hunt = $17,500.00

This price includes air charter fees between Anchorage and base camp that usually cost $1000.00 or more with most other outfitters! It also includes most of your basic expenses between Anchorage and the field, to include: necessary ground transportation to pick up and return you to Anchorage, food, lodging and trophy care in the field.   Trip length includes in and out days.  When possible, we try to get clients that achieve early success, out early if they wish.

NOT INCLUDED: Round trip transportation of you and your gear, game and trophies between your home and Anchorage, lodging in Anchorage and / or Wasilla prior to and after your hunt, taxidermy, guide tips, licenses and tags (non-resident hunting license = $85.00, brown/grizzly tag = $500.00, $425.00 sheep tag, black bear tag = $225.00 – see “License and Tag Fees” link for complete information), or a 2 yr. membership in the Non Resident Hunter Preservation Fund ($150.00)  We will gladly assist you in making arrangements and reservations, and can sell you the tags ourselves.


DATES:  1st Hunt - August 8th – 18th / 2nd Hunt – Aug. 18th – 28th / 3rd Hunt – Aug. 31st – Sept. 10th /  4th Hunt –Sept. 11th – 21st 

NOTE: A person who has been airborne may not take or assist in taking big game until after 3:00 a.m. following the day in which the flight occurred.  For this reason, clients should try to arrive a day or two early and leave a day or two later than actual trip dates. 

Dall Sheep Hunt
Dall Sheep Hunt

BROWN or GRIZZLY BEAR ADD ON – Brown and grizzly bear season runs concurrently with sheep in most portions of my guide concession.  If you harvest your Dall ram early, and want to also hunt for grizzly we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Straight Trophy Fee for a Brown or Grizzly Bear: When time, weather and resources permit, if you’ve purchased an extra tag, we don’t mind hanging around a few extra days in the same area to try to get you a brown or grizzly bear.  If you have success, the trophy fee for a brown or grizzly bear is $7000. 

Modified Trophy Fee for a Brown or Grizzly Bear:  When you take your main animal on a single species hunt, we consider that we’ve earned our money, and we don’t like to spin our wheels on an add-on hunt that we don’t get paid for if a really bad stretch of weather is coming that could make us miss our scheduled flight and negatively impact following hunts, conditions are such that chances just are not good, or if something else significant and unexpected comes up.  Also, some hunters in the past have just plain missed after we’ve done every thing right. But if things look good, and you have a lot of time left and want to actively pursue a brown or grizzly bear in addition to your sheep, we’ll try to accommodate you.  I give the guide a bonus and I get something extra if we produce, so we have incentive to work hard for you.   We’ll collect $3000.00 up front to continue and you’ll pay an additional $4000.00 if you take a brown or grizzly bear.  I’m a license vendor and in some cases, I can sell you additional tags in the field, but in most cases you’ll need to purchase the tag in advance.   If we have to relocate via air plane, there will be an additional air charter fee.

COMBINATION HUNTS: We also offer 14 day, 1 X 1 combination hunts for both sheep and brown or grizzly bears with no trophy fees for $25,000.00.  In some areas you could take 2 brown bear instead of a sheep and a bear if you so wished.

DALL SHEEP OR GRIZZLY?? : In most cases, the chance of seeing brown or grizzly bears on a sheep hunt is about 50%.  If you also have a keen interest in brown/grizzly bears, you should purchase an extra tag in advance, and not pass up the chance if you get one.  Or if you feel you can only afford one animal, you could purchase a brown/grizzly tag instead of a sheep tag.  Tags work for species of equal or lesser value.  Purchasing a grizzly tag for $500.00 versus a sheep tag for $425.00, would allow a sheep hunter to shoot a grizzly instead of a sheep, if he ran into a nice one before harvesting his ram, or near the end of his hunt and he hadn’t harvested a ram yet and time is running out.  If you kill a brown/grizzly bear first and want to keep hunting for sheep, the same prices and conditions concerning a straight or modified trophy fee for sheep as explained under the Brown or Grizzly Bear Add On section, would apply.

INCIDENTAL SPECIES: Black Bear, wolf and wolverine can be hunted on an incidental basis contingent upon open seasons.  “Incidental” means that we don’t move to or specifically hunt for them, but if we run across one and can take it without messing up your sheep hunt, you can.  You must purchase any necessary tags in advance.  We charge a $1000.00 trophy fee for an incidental black bear, and there is no additional charge for an incidental wolf or wolverine.  Wolf tags aren’t required by non residents in my concession area.  A black bear tag will work for either black bear or wolverine.

ADDING DAYS AND/OR AN EXTRA GUIDE: We will do everything possible to try to customize your hunt to meet your expectations.  Extra days and/or an extra guide are just two options on how we can adapt your hunt towards higher success and trophy quality and/or multiple species.  Let us know if either of these options interest you

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